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    5 Reasons to Consider Cassette Floor for Your Marquee
    November 28, 2017
    You want your event to be a massive success under a marquee structure. While you have certainly undergone intense preparation, there are so many details to consider that some of them may elude you. You are not just thinking about whether to hire or purchase a marquee, also considering which type of structure, color, equipment especially the floor system you will need.
    You have many options when it comes to choosing the right marquee flooring system for your event: wooden floor, plastic panel flooring or cassette floor etc. Each type of flooring has different applications and the type of flooring chosen might be more or less critical for the comfort level of the surroundings.
    The market-leading solution for robust marquee floor system is cassette floor. Designed to be a quick and easy floor system to install, it's a solid floor system capable of withstanding heavy sets and being built on uneven surfaces. Cassette floor gives the advantages of a secure and flat surface, ideal for events with dancing, corporate venues or any venues requiring increased stability under foot. If you want to know more its superiorities, here will explain the major features of this floor system to help you make a more informed decision in your marquee purchase arrangement.

    1. Simple to Install and Disassemble

    The edge profiles of the flooring are designed as tongue and groove profiles, making it modular and quickly installed. The cassette floor can be used for the large marquee systems and can be put up in just a few days with an installation team.

    2. Create A Good Visual Impression

    The excellent congruence of the individual elements, relatively few requirments of components and the interlocking design make the floor a level attractive surface. Furthermore, it gives you the possibility to install and hide all those cables and power lines, allowing for better visuals.

    3. With One Face Antislip Available

    To improve the stability and to reduce the risk of slipping, cassette floor system, modular system with faddish façade has a slip-resistant and easy-to-clean surface.

    4. Ready for All Weather Conditions

    It is not only a visually pleasing floor system, but also works well in all inclement weather conditions, providing a dry and comfrotable environment for guests. As cassette floor is set in the aluminium frame channels to prevent it from contacting the ground directly. It improvides the weather resistance of your marquee as rain, snow and ground dampness can penetrate other forms of floor.

    5. Applicable to Different Clearspan Structures and Events

    Due to the high stability, durablility and aesthetic, cassette floor system is widely used in both small and large scale temporary clearspan structures at event, wedding, sports and exhibition areas etc. It's a great addition to the clear span marquees.

    Shelter New Cassette Floor System

    For the better-using experience and affordable in shipping fee for you, the well-engineered Shelter cassette floor system has been developted. With a smaller profile and thinner wooden panel, it is easy and quick to transport and install, as well as is more practical and affordable for event rental business. For different tent structure system, Shelter will offer suitable cassette floor size to meet client's construction design. Also, we will make installation commissioning for our client's actual need.
    Cassette Floor - Shelter Structures

    Size: 2433mm x 1010mm x 61mm (width x length x height)

    Board Thickness: 18mm

    Weight: 18.7kg/m2

    Max. Load capacity: 300kg/m2

    Color: black cassette floor and brown cassette floor
    Looking for the perfect flooring system for your temporary structures? Then buy the cassette floor from us. Contact us today to discuss your cassette floor system needs!
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