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    Type: M Series-Event Tent

    Width: 30.00m

    Length: 50.00m

    Evea Height: 4.00m

    Roof Type: Transparent "A" Roof

    Case Study
    Large Clear Roof Tent Used in High Profile Conference
    Shelter conference tents are the professional basis for perfect mobile event locations. Whether for tour, recurring events or other regular occasions – with the event tent systems from Shelter, functional, beautiful, flexible locations are always created for shows or festivities. Rely on our products and our service. Here we show you what is possible! Thanks to their high-quality modular construction system, tents from Shelter offer you a particularly large variety of sizes, shapes and configuration options – both for single and two story temporary, portable structures. This tried, tested and widely approved method of modular construction allows the user to create solutions for providing cost-efficient, functional, safe and attractive venues. The range of large tents from Shelter is available in width spans from 8m to 50m the modular nature of Shelter’s large tent systems allow designs of any length that are accomplished by adding 5m long prolongation bays to the tent. Build it as long as you need!
    We Provide Other Services:
    Excellent design capabilities for customization;
    Door to door timely delivery;
    We send technicians to your job-site for your easy installation;
    Flexible method of payment and cooperation;
    Unconditional support for your business by timely stock supply and maintenance.
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