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    Type: Large Tent

    Width: 65.00m

    Length: 170.00m

    Evea Height: 4.00m

    Roof Type: "A" Roof

    Case Study
    65*170m Temporary Workshop for Foxconn
    Temporay Workshop – The Largest 65*170m For Foxconn- Safe, Relocatable, Cost-effective This is the largest structures we made for Foxconn Technology Group which is the world largest electronics contractor manufacturer. This structures is used as workshop located in China. Now it has been erected for three years and it stand the test of time and still working without any problem.To provide large inner space for their production, we applied containers as its base which makes the whole roof higher. The steel panel of the containers provide the workshop with strong walls. Our waterproof and fire retardant PVC fabric cover with robust aluminum profiles make the structures strong enough to stand the strong wind, rain and snow. And we guarantee it can be used at least 10 years.Our aluminum structures are a fast, durable solution for industrial and mining facilities. Our structures serve many needs on an industrial site, including supermarket, maintenance shops, fuel and lubrication facilities, equipment washing areas and storage. We offer bespoke design and quality production, timely delivery, most of all, we take care of installation and even maintenance for you wherever your job-site is.
    We Provide Other Services:
    Excellent design capabilities for customization;
    Door to door timely delivery;
    We send technicians to your job-site for your easy installation;
    Flexible method of payment and cooperation;
    Unconditional support for your business by timely stock supply and maintenance.
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