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    Type: Large Tent

    Width: 30.00m

    Length: 60.00m

    Evea Height: 4.00m

    Roof Type: "A" Roof

    Case Study
    ABS Wall Warehouse - Storage Tents - Industrial Tent
    Shelter industrial structures are naturally bright, clear-span, durable and can be re-located if needed. They are specifically designed for heavy industrial uses including: Warehousing | Equipment Storage | Machinery Storage | Salt and Sand Storage | Maintenance Shed Manufacturing Shops | Industrial Storage Our designs eliminate the need for interior columns allowing for easy equipment maneuverability and maximum storage area and work space.There are no internal columns or supports to interfere with your interior plans. Offering superior height and clearance when compared to traditional metal or wood buildings, these buildings allow you to utilize as much space as possible for any application.They are climate responsive – they stay cool in the summer and warm in winter.
    We Provide Other Services:
    Excellent design capabilities for customization;
    Door to door timely delivery;
    We send technicians to your job-site for your easy installation;
    Flexible method of payment and cooperation;
    Unconditional support for your business by timely stock supply and maintenance.
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