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    Type: Cube Tent

    Width: 20.00m

    Length: 50.00m

    Evea Height: 4.00m

    Roof Type: Thermo Roof System

    Case Study
    20×50m Thermo Roof Tent for Audi Tour Show
    Shelter thermo tent with Thermo Roof give us a new look with panel surrounded in top, meanwhile it performs better when it come to raining. Its inflatable top leaves no space for ponding water. And the inflatable tops have good heat and sound insulation. Thermo roofing solution applied in many types of tents, including double decker, A frame tent, arcum tents ect. We have all sizes in stock and available for custom design. In fact, tents with thermo roof can be decorated into any shapes, and this feature appeals more eye balls in an event.
    We Provide Other Services:
    Excellent design capabilities for customization;
    Door to door timely delivery;
    We send technicians to your job-site for your easy installation;
    Flexible method of payment and cooperation;
    Unconditional support for your business by timely stock supply and maintenance.
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