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    Sports Structures Play Essential Roles at Sport Events
    January 9, 2017
    With tailor made framework, cover material, sizes including width, length and roof height, sports structures not only can provide enough space for different purposes, but also enables you to protect sport fields with minimal cost. Compared with those traditional permanent stadiums, portable sports structures or portable stadiums play essential roles at sport events.
    Below are some great examples of what can be achieved.

    Fast Set-up & Lower Cost Structures

    sports event tents - large exhibiton marquee - outdoor event marquees - Shelter white tent for sale 7488_Jc
    Shelter modular sport structure features fast set-up, conveniently installation and maintaining and low site impact

    In order to realize the sport court cover structures fast innovation design, our structures adopt modular structure design. They have free spans of up to 60 meters in standard modules thus you can adjust the scale of the venue easily. Its modular design helps quickly move, fast build within a few hours or days and can be used for rental business if the sport game time is not last long, reducing cost and material waste.

    Combination of Wide Uses & Shape Diversity

    Sports Structures - Sport Events - Sport Tent - Shelter Tent
    Whichever shape you may like, it can be customized

    As a clear span structure, you can use portable sport tent to cover basketball court cover, football court cover, swimming pool court cover, tennis court cover, skating court cover and so on. Unlike many concrete stadiums, the shapes of sports structures for sports fields can be customized according to the actual size and requirement of the venue. They can be designed into "A" frame, “heart” roof, curved roof, polygonal shape, double decker and even dome shape. It's worth mentioning that double decker tent for sports events is specialized in offering the VIP spectator stands in world top mega event and all sorts of international sports games. It's not only provide the sport event venue, but also offer a more affordable way to achieve a new level of green building.

    Safety & Security of Sports Structures

    swimming pool cover - football court canopy - sports canopy - basketball tent cover - horse training cover - tennis yard canopies - gold court canopy -Shelter aluminum structures for sale (10)_Jc
    Football court cover with full set of facility

    Shelter sports structures are made of profiled aluminum frame and polyester PVC coated fabric covers. They are water proof, UV resistant, wind resistant and fire retardant etc. It can offer much better protection for the athletes than the open sport fields. What's more, it can be equipped with dedicated floor, ventilation system, lighting system and many other facilities or accessories to create a full-featured portable professional sport venue.
    If you wanna invest in sports center/ venue or want to get a court cover for your own sport field, this is the most costeffective solutioin. Feel free to Contact Us regarding sports structures.
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